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Tree Trimming and Pruning

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Most large plants require routine maintenance in order to grow strong and healthy. Scheduling a pruning day at least every winter allows us to care for your prized plants, helping them thrive. This helps trees in many ways like reducing weight, increasing beauty, and removing dead branches. Overall, this helps prevent damage to people, pets, and property. 

At 1800TreeExpert, we have The people and experience to trim trees and bushes of all kinds. We follow OSHA safety standards and our entire crew is insured so you don’t need to worry about any unexpected costs. We work hard to keep your trees healthy and safe. 

1800TreeExpert’s Tree Pruning Benefits and Services

General Tree Care

We will evaluate any tree’s health and risk factors, taking note of which limbs would best be removed. Our Arborists have studied a large number of tree pruning methods. This includes canopy thinning, rejuvenation, and elevation. This can achieve the best health for your tree while reducing risk at the same time. 

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Risk Reduction

Sometimes, we don’t prune to improve the health of a tree. We can prune to remove dead and dangerous branches as well. Sometimes it takes an arborist to identify risky and compromised branches that pose a significant risk to people and property.

Corrective Pruning

This is usually used on a younger tree  for directing its growth. This kind of pruning can also be used on larger trees to stop them from growing larger in one direction. Corrective pruning focuses on removing specific branches in order to keep your trees healthy. It also gets rid of dangerous and unhealthy growth, mitigating against risk. 

Structural integrity

Also, Tree trimming can often reduce the weight of the tree’s canopy. This commonly reduces stress on the branches and trunk lowering the risk of future problems. However, it’s best to leave pruning to the professionals. Otherwise, improper pruning could be the cause of an emergency situation. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Trees are complex living structures and it takes an expert to navigate them and pinpoint the problems. At 1800TreeExpert, our tree professionals study hard to keep up with the approved methods in order to avoid being the cause of a tree’s damage. If pruning is done right, it removes dead and dying limbs, removes diseases, and reduces other hazards. 

We prefer to encourage the growth of safe, healthy, and beautiful trees and we like to keep them that way.

Common Questions

What is Pruning?

Professional pruning selectively cuts away branches to mitigate risk and lower the number of hazards. It promotes the health of a tree by removing dead, dyinging, weak, diseased, and/or unstable branches. Once removed, the remaining healthy branches get more nutrients, allowing them to flourish. 

Why is Tree Pruning Important?

Pruning is the act of removing unhealthy, unbalanced, and hazardous limbs and branches. Once removed, the branches no longer inhibit growth or pose a threat to people and property. 1800TreeExpert’s arborists can properly trim your trees to give them the healthy structure they need to promote growth. 

Which Season is Best to Prune Trees?

The best time of the year to prune is winter. This is when the trees are dormant, putting less stress on them and lowering the chance for pests and diseases to sneak in. At 1800TreeExpert we can help you prune your trees at exactly the right time. 

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