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At 1800TreeExpert, We are passionate about tree care. We provide thorough assessments in order to determine the cause of any disease or damage of a tree so we can remedy it as soon as possible. We understand that some trees are beyond saving and removing them is necessary to keep everyone safe. 

Local Tree Removal

Whether your tree has fallen, it’s about to fall, or just looks dangerous our arborists are ready to assist you. 

Our in-house crane is often prepared and ready to make tree removal as fast and safe as possible. The best part of a crane is that we can fly the pieces of wood over your property and into the chipper without them touching the ground. 

With every tree removal, we offer the option for stump grinding. Leaving a stump in the ground can quickly become more than an inconvenience. The wood will rot and become a home for pests that may see your home as their next target. 

How to Know if Your Tree Should be Removed

In order to measure the danger of your tree, There are several important factors to take note of. Although it may take a professional to see some of the more subtle signs, there are Some hints that most people can see and identify as significant threats. These will tell you whether or not your tree should be removed. 

If you can’t tell, call us at __ and we will get a professional out there to assess the risk of your tree. 

Here are some signs for you to watch out for;


 It is natural for some trees to lean, especially if they are on a steep slope. However, if the leaning suddenly appears, it could indicate substantial damage to the root system or certain diseases. If you are not sure of the cause of the leaning, we suggest that you hire a professional to diagnose the situation.

Root Damage

Although they can withstand some damage, trees are not invulnerable. This is especially true about their roots. Not only do the roots provide necessary water and nutrients, they also create an anchor that keeps the tree from falling over. 

If the roots seem damaged, we suggest soaking and aerating the soil, adding mulch, and/or cabling the tree. If this doesn’t seem to help, contact us and we can assess the situation, helping you make the best decision you can. 

Trunk Damage

Trees can be damaged in a lot of ways. Storms, fires, lawnmowers, and cars are all causes of damaged trees. Whenever a tree is damaged, it can interfere an important layer of the tree. The cambium layer is right under the bark and is responsible for water and nutrients to move up into the tree. However, if 25% or more of the cambium layer has been harmed going around the trunk, it’s likely that the tree will have to be removed.

Dead and Dangling Branches

Although it could be that the tree just needs to be pruned, these branches can also indicate that the tree is unhealthy. At 1800TreeExpert, we know when to trim a tree and when to remove a tree. 

Additional reasons

These are some reasons you may want to remove a tree even if it isn’t immediately dangerous or unhealthy

Power lines

If your tree is near a power line, there is always a chance a branch could break off and sever the line. Not only could this cause a power outage but there is also a significant risk of walking into the  fallen cord. 

Home Hazard

Just like with the power lines, there is always a chance a limb can fall onto your house. Whether during a storm or a sunny day, trees can fail and you don’t want it crashing into your home. 

Driver Danger

Oftentimes, trees by the road don’t receive the maintenance they need. This presents danger to anyone on the road, especially if the branches block the view of other vehicles and traffic signs. 

Tree Removal Cost

It is impossible to put a set price on all tree jobs forever. at 1800TreeExpert, we like to use hourly rates to keep things simple and easy to understand. We put an hourly price on each one of our assets and deploy these to the job to remove a tree. We do our best to minimize surprise fees and guesswork when it comes to pricing.


We would also like to warn you away from anyone who offers to remove your tree for a really low price. Although a tree can be removed by one guy with a chainsaw and a ladder, it’s more likely that the person has no workers comp for themselves and they are not as experienced as most reputable companies. This puts you in danger of paying more than you bargained for in the event of an accident. 

Don’t DIY.

By now you may be thinking that the best idea is to just do it yourself. if it is a very small tree, only 10 feet tall, that would be the largest tree you should cut down. Wood is heavy, especially when it’s alive and full of sap. The most common cause of injury and death in the tree industry is from falling branches. 


It may seem innocent at first, but climbing up a ladder with no experience and a very big saw is a recipe for disaster. The most common cause for injuries for homeowners is falling and you do not want anything happening while you’re working on your own tree. Lastly, you are liable for any injuries and damage that happens on your property.

Please leave the tree work to the professionals. We can get the tree out of there quickly and safely. 


Why Choose 1800TreeExpert?

We care about trees and our customers. We want to provide the best services we can and keep your and your family safe. Our crew is experienced and we have all five star reviews on pages such as Google and Yelp. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and we can take care of you.

We offer Free Estimates.

We’ve got certified Arborists. They’re ISA certified and have at least 3 years of experience. We make sure they are up to date on all of the current tree care information. Also, our entire staff is insured with workers comp. We want to protect you and our experts to the best of our ability. 

Lastly, we have the best equipment. With our crane, crew, and chipper, we’re able to dispatch whenever we need to. If it’s an emergency, we’ll dispatch within five minutes of signing our work contract. Contact Us now at __ for any tree related emergency.


Common Questions:

Can I Trim My Tree Rather Than Removing It?

You don’t always need to remove a tree. In some instances, it will grow back to be happy and healthy after trimming. These can include;

The tree canopy is too dense and not letting enough sunlight through.

The tree is slightly blocking the view on the street. 

The whole tree is not entirely dead or dying.

Trimming is a great way to keep a tree for longer, allowing them to grow for as long as they can. 

Will My Homeowners Policy Cover Tree Removal?

Every homeowner’s policy is different and filled with its own exceptions, boundaries, and allowances. At 1800TreeExpert, We have a public adjuster on staff who can read your policy and help you with any questions you may have. In most cases, when a tree falls on a house or other structure it is covered by the homeowners insurance policy.

Our team can and will help you through the insurance claims process. We have done hundreds of similar cases and will not hesitate to help you with yours. 

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