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Tree Inspection and Health Evaluation Services

If you have yearly checkups with your doctor, why don’t your trees get the same treatment? Although the timing is a little different, calling a professional arborist for an inspection is necessary for your tree’s health. At 1800TreeExpert, our arborist’s have the training and expertise to spot small problems before they become big enough to permanently scar your trees. If a tree looks sick or injured, we’ll take our time and inspect it for the root cause of the problem. It could be disease, bugs, or fungi taking over. We’ll take the best course of action to fix the problem, most likely removing them before they can damage other surrounding plants.

When to Ask for a Tree Health Assessment

Even if your trees look healthy, you should schedule a tree evaluation day every three years. The checkup will identify and alert you to any early signs of sickness, weakness, or pests. Stopping problems early will keep your tree living healthier, longer. 

1800TreeExpert professionals can also perform tree risk assessments. We look for evidence of dead or dying branches that can come down and cause property damage or injure someone. We are ready to perform risk assessments anytime. However, it is especially necessary to schedule one right after a storm. The high winds, soaked earth, and heavy snow or ice can compromise a tree’s integrity, making it more likely to fall. 

Between your regularly scheduled checkups, 1800Arborist can inspect any tree worrying you. Call us if you see signs of rot or disease, damp black spots on the trunk, yellow leaves in spring, slow growth, and any other abnormal characteristics on your tree. 

1800TreeExpert’s Tree Assessment Process

Whenever we assess your tree, we will look for;

Overall Health

Whether the roots or crown are damaged, trees can starve without the proper nutrients. Any tree could catch a disease and spread it to others on your property. Mushrooms can steal nutrients and bugs can cut off the tree’s water flow.

Deadwood and Decay

Although a tree may seem perfectly stable, it could be rotting from the inside. Deadwood compromises a tree’s structural integrity, making it more likely to fall in the event of a storm. We have the ability to scan trees for any signs of dangerous dead cores. 

Imbalanced Growth

Wonkey growth adds more weight to one side, once again making the tree more likely to fall. We can inspect your trees and identify their growth patterns, ensuring they are as stable as possible. Some factors that could cause abnormal tree growth are;

  • Lack of water on one side of the tree
  • More sunlight to one direction
  • Growing next to a large structure


Some bugs like to burrow deep into a tree’s trunk. They can cause severe damage without anyone even noticing. 1800TreeExpert arborists know how to look closely for infestations before they spread and become an even bigger problem. 

Getting a Tree Inspected

A tree can be damaged beyond repair and still live for months or even years before it dies. We will help you know the trees that are savable and which ones are better to remove. Call __ or contact us for an assessment. We’re ready and happy to care for your tree’s health. 


Common Questions

What do Arborists Do?

Arborists are required to pass tests regularly in order to keep their status as a tree professional. At 1800TreeExpert, our arborists keep on time with these studies in order to keep up with new discoveries and information about trees. We look out for the safety of trees as well as people. Our arborist’s are trained to spot anything that poses a threat. 

Why is my Tree Dying?

There are many reasons a tree may die. Diseases, pests, or fungi may be attacking. The tree may not have access to enough sunlight, nutrients, or water. Or the conditions it’s growing in may have suddenly changed. We can uncover the reason and suggest a plan of action to try and reverse the damage. 

Why Hire an Arborist?

Trees are complex organisms and it can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot a problem until it is too late. Arborists examine trees all the time and know what to look for, it’s their job. They know how to pinpoint the problems and risks a tree has and recommend procedures that encourage healthy and happy growth. 

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