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Crown Density Reduction

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Crown Density Reduction

Pro Tree Thinning

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If a tree grows up without any maintenance or pruning, they will most likely grow a lot of inner branches. Although the shade may be soothing, it could be a bad sign. At 1800TreeExpert, our team can safely and efficiently fix the issue. With a well trained crew, our specialists know how to reduce the crown density of your tree. This allows your tree to grow and thrive safely. 


At 1800TreeExpert, our ISA certified arborists can examine the tree and decide if the crown density needs to be reduced. They will know how much time is needed to trim the proper branches. We have over 25 years of experience with all kinds of trees, we have the ability to care for your trees over the years. 


Pruning the unnecessary branches and twigs is very beneficial to the trees. First, they get a haircut. Secondly, they drop dozens of extra pounds they didn’t need. They’ll be less stressed, more healthy, and less likely to drop any major branches. 

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Why Do We Thin The Trees?

1800TreeExpert’s professionals reduce the crown density in order to keep them healthy, prettier, and living longer. Thinning takes away extra leaves and branches to ensure the other parts are getting the nutrients they need. But, thinning a tree isn’t just about cutting random branches. Tree trimming professionals are careful when selecting branches to remove. This improves the growth and health of the tree. 


Trees grow in cycles, every cut can be good for a tree. However, removing even one wrong branch can forever wound the tree, leaving it vulnerable to infections and infestations. Thinning a tree isn’t just about removing branches. It’s a careful process, that’s why some people refer to tree experts as “Tree Surgeons.”.

Why Have a Professional Thin Your Tree

At 1800TreeExpert, we make it our mission to provide the best customer service at every home. It affects our entire operation, from the way we answer the phone to the courtesy of our crew. 


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