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Online Virtual Arborist Consultations

At 1800TreeExpert, We realize that time is money. We offer online assessments for your trees at any time. Not only can this service reach out to anyone, it can also be done faster than an ordinary tree assessment. If you’re having tree trouble, follow these steps and we’ll get our professional opinion to you right away


Take detailed pictures or videos of the tree. Walk around the tree and make sure you get multiple angles. We will be able to give you the best assessment if you can show or say how big the DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) is. Show something like a measuring tape around the trunk or your hand pressed up against the bark. This should give us an idea of how big the tree is. 

Pay special attention to the areas that have problems. Look for dead branches, abnormalities on the trunk, roots going the wrong way, and more. There are many problems with your tree that can be easily documented and examined via screens. 

Send It In 

You can send your photos and/or videos to or contact us at ___-___-____. We will get to your assessment as soon as we can. Our top-notch arborists have done several of these online assessments and will have the capability and professionalism to do yours. We want to make sure that your trees are given the proper care they need. 


Plus, there are only two steps. It’s that easy. 



The Benefits of Virtual Arborist Consultations

The best thing about online assessments is they save time for all parties involved. Thanks to the phone, photos and videos are extremely easy to take and share. 


If you think about it, driving out to do tree assessments on the property in this day and age can be more trouble than it’s worth. Driving out just to look at the tree means we need to drive back to base and back out again with the proper equipment. However, using an online assessment, we can examine the tree and drive out with the right gear faster. 


Driving out to assess a tree requires scheduling. In most cases, our arborists do not have the time to drive out and take a look at your tree the day you call. You would have to talk with our scheduler and then you would have to wait for your appointment to arrive. 


Instead of having to stand outside as we assess the trees, you can do whatever you want and we’ll get back to you with our conclusion. You don’t need to change your entire day in order to care for your trees.

Contact us

Once again, send your tree pictures and/or videos to, email them to ___, or call us at ___-___-____. We’ve been in the tree business for over 25 years and we’re ready to help you with all your tree needs. Call us today at ___-___-____.

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