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1800TreeExpert Arborist Consultations


At 1800TreeExpert, our arborists are certified and ISA qualified. During our tree consultations, we will walk through your property, noting down that is within falling distance of your house and others that concern you. As we inspect your trees we will;


Look for problems

Identify hazardous trees

Find diseases and bugs

Offer advice

And More!


When we reach the end of the walkthrough, we can provide a proposal and recommend services that would be beneficial to your trees. Our mission is to create a plan that suits your schedule and priorities.


What is an Arborist?

Consulting Arborists are experts and have extensive knowledge about a tree’s health. They train hard to reach their position and are often ISA qualified. The consulting Arborists at 1800TreeExpert can deliver a comprehensive and factual overview of the condition of your trees.


What does it Mean to be ISA Certified?


Most of our Arborists are certified by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). In order to become an ISA certified arborist, you would need to have at least 3 years of professional tree care experience. Or you would need to have a degree in arboriculture. Then you would have to pass a 200-question exam. You would have to refresh your certification every three years. 


The ISA is the top certification for arborists all around the world. The arborists at 1800TreeExpert offer many services including;


Tree care

Disease and insect management

Tree appraisals 

Tree risk assessment

Tree inventories

And more!


*All of our arborists may not be ISA certified at the time of your job. Contact us to learn more.


Tree Inventories

Thorough tree inventories are important when it comes to most developmental plans such as construction. They gather important information on the amount, size, type, and location of trees. During inventories, we look at;


The number of trees

The tree’s health

Any hazards or potential hazards

Any infestations or diseases

Recommendations for maintenance


The information is greatly beneficial when it comes to prospective landscaping plans. Any construction, urban forestry, and/or urban planning projects will also be greatly benefited by an inventory. Also, if damage occurs to your trees, the inventory will be evidence of the tree’s health before the accident. 


Protecting Trees

Trees need to be protected and we can figure out how much each tree needs with tree protection inspections. Construction often poses a threat to trees and the surrounding foliage. The soil can become compacted by the heavy equipment. This restricts the tree’s access to water and can cause the tree to die early. Our arborists can assess your sight in order to keep the plants safe during the construction process.


Tree Risk Assessment

One of the biggest reasons you would want an arborist consultation is to figure out how much danger on or more of your trees pose. With an arborist, you can compare the risk and benefits involved with keeping the tree. Every tree is a risk, even if it seems perfectly safe. 

Our goal is to keep people safe by assessing the danger of a tree and allowing you to make an educated decision on your trees. If a tree is decided to be dangerous, we can also offer you our removal services or other recommendations in order to minimize the risks involved. 


Tree Failure Assessment

Whenever a tree dies or falls, our arborists can assess the cause of the failure. We thoroughly investigate each section using industry standardized methods. Our inspection will look for;


Thinning of the crown and/or health decline in the canopy

Dehydration, infestation, or disease on the branches. 


Weak branch connections

Ground heaving underneath the tree’s root plate

Weak, overextending, broken, and/or unstable branch patterns

Injured tree trunks

Root decay or exposure


Tree Roots
The tree roots are the foundation, anchor, and food source for any tree. They store crucial nutrients during the winter in order to grow leaves in the spring. In the spring, the roots move minerals and water from the soil to the foliage above. 


As a result, the root’s health is very important. You should stay updated on the health of your tree roots with a regular arborist consultation. The arborist will be able to give you tips on how to prevent root disease and avoid root failure. 


Our tree root appraisal will inspect


Ground compaction

When the ground is compacted around the roots of the tree, or even if it has a high clay content, it can starve the roots of water and oxygen. This can greatly harm or kill your trees. 


Ground depth

Roots need soil to collect nutrients, anchor themselves, and to breathe. When the root depth changes due to adding or removing dirt, they can be threatened. Our arborists can help you ensure that your tree’s roots are thriving by measuring whether the soil depth and density are right for the nearby plants. 



Overwatering can suffocate the tree roots by restricting their access to oxygen. Underwatering will dehydrate roots, allowing them to rot. 



Just like water, too much or too little fertilizer can cause problems for a tree. It is also good to remember that different tree species may need more or less fertilizer in general. 1800TreeExpert arborists can help you find the right balance your tree needs. 



Pouring cement, digging trenches, and other ground work can threaten tree roots significantly. Digging away at the tree’s roots will deprive it of necessary assets and heavy machinery can compact the ground around the roots, suffocating and starving them. 

1800TreeExpert’s Consulting Arborists


Our arborists are open to provide service to the following;


Community Managers

If you work with a large plot of land, such as a public park or golf course, it’s likely that you have many trees on the property. Our consultant can create an inventory and assess the health of the trees. This can help you create maintenance plans with short and long term plans for the plants. This may allow you to know exactly what the plants need while reducing unnecessary costs. 


Homeowner Associations

A main responsibility of a Homeowner Association is to settle problems and create landscaping plans for the community. 1800TreeExpert consulting arborists can help create more effective plans by recommending healthier, safer, and more durable trees to plant in the shared spaces. Also, we can look over shared properties to help you prevent tree loss and/or damage.


Property Managers

Property management is not an easy job. It’s your responsibility to make sure your property is inviting, safe, and affordable. As such, landscaping is a big area of concern. Our arborists can help you draw up landscape budgets that will help protect your property from losing trees. We can provide an easy-to-understand tree assessment of hazards, risks, and treatments for infestations and diseases.


Real Estate Agents

You may require a consulting arborist’s guidance when it comes to dealing with property inspections and/or assessments. Homebuyers will most likely want to know the danger posed by any trees on the property as well as infestations, diseases, and root damage among the trees. By talking with an expert, you will receive an informed assessment, a thorough appraisal, and advice from a professional. 


Landscape Professionals

Landscape professionals’ jobs are to maximize the value of the landscaping while minimizing the disruption to the plants. If you’re worried about the possible hazards and dangers of planting a certain tree size or species, we can examine the area and help you make an educated decision. 

Our consulting arborists can assist with root mapping, land planning, and supervise work near trees. Lastly, when choosing whether to clear the land of plants or to build around existing trees, we can make detailed assessments so you can make a knowledgeable decision. 


Other Tree Services

Not every tree service has the extensive knowledge required to be an ISA certified arborist. Looking back at years of education and experience. At 1800TreeExpert, our arborists will be happy to offer you advice on the well-being and hazards of your trees. This will let you take the optimum course of action. 



Trees growing in public areas need to be regularly assessed and maintained. If a dangerous or hazardous tree is too close to structures and/or pedestrians, we recommend that you take action. If a historic tree is becoming a problem for a walking trail, park, or other municipal project, we can help you know it’s preservation value and/or help you figure out how to work around the tree.


And More!

We want to offer expert estimates, professional assessments, and clear advice to any matter that involves trees. We like to help with pest control, nutrients, site remediation, pruning, and/or removal. Our services are for property owners in many different industries. 


We service;




Consult with Our ISA Certified Arborists.


At 1800TreeExperts, our arborists have the knowledge and authority to assess your trees with confidence. Our team is educated, trained, and specialized in the many complications of tree health. If you want an assessment whether on a residential or public property, give us a call at __. It is best to stop any hazards before they become major problems. We will know the conditions, hazards, and values of your trees and can prepare you for whatever may come your way. 

Once again, call us at __ to schedule an appointment or for more information. 


Arborist Consultation

At Monster Tree Service, our certified arborists offer professional tree consultations. During this consultation, we will conduct a walk-through of your landscape – making an inventory of the plant species in your yard.


As we assess your trees and shrubs, we will:


Diagnose problems

Help with insurance claims

Evaluate potential tree hazards

Identify insect infestations

Check for diseases

Offer tree preservation advice

Analyze soil health

And so much more!

At the end of our walkthrough, we will provide a proposal and recommend further services. Our goal is to develop a course of action and management plan that suits your priorities and budget.


What is an Consulting Arborist?

Consulting Arborists are authoritative experts on tree health. Our consultants are highly qualified and trained. We deliver a factual, comprehensive overview of the health, safety, and condition of your trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. This is achieved by conducting tree inspections, assessing risks, drafting arborist reports, prescribing pest, soil, and disease treatments.


We service various clients, including:





Commercial site managers

Landscape architects, engineers, and developers

We’re ISA Certified Tree Experts Providing the Following Services

Most of our expert consultants are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture* (ISA). To become an ISA certified arborist, one must have over 3 years of professional tree care experience or a degree in arboriculture, pass a 200-question exam, and recertify every three years.


The ISA is the preeminent certification for arborists worldwide. Our consulting arborists provide numerous services, including:


Tree protection

Nursery and tree appraisals

Expert witness

Insect and disease management

Municipal ordinance development

Tree risk surveys

Tree planting programs

Tree inventories

*Please note: we cannot guarantee that all Monster Tree Service locations will have an ISA Certified consultant on staff. Please contact your local team to learn more.


Tree Inventories

A thorough tree inventory is important when developing comprehensive urban, construction, and/or forestry management plans. Tree inventories gather vital data on the size, species, and location of trees.


During an inventory, we document:


The total number of trees

Each tree’s health

Potential hazards

Disease or infestations

Maintenance recommendations

This information is beneficial when analyzing the pros and cons of prospective landscaping, construction, urban planning, and urban forestry projects. In the event that damage occurs, this inventory will prove beneficial when filing claims.


Tree Protection

Tree protection inspections are a critical safeguard to help ensure construction projects do not negatively affect nearby trees. Unregulated construction can pose many threats to a landscape and surrounding vegetation. Soil compaction is just one of many examples that show how disruptive construction can be to trees’ overall health. As soil and construction materials are compacted, the underground oxygen supply in a root system can decrease. This can lessen a tree’s ability to absorb water and even cause premature death. Our arborist consultants can examine your site to offer guidance on how to keep trees and plant life safe during construction processes.


Tree Risk Assessment

One of the primary reasons for an arborist consultation is to assess potential tree hazards and suggest preventive measures. By comparing the risks and benefits involved, it will be easier to determine whether to remove the tree or not. Every tree has some element of risk. Our goal is to assess the structural soundness and potential for failure of a tree. Knowing the severity of unsafe tree conditions will allow you to make informed and proactive decisions. When a tree is deemed defective and hazardous, we will also offer professional recommendations to help mitigate the risks involved.


Tree Failure Assessment

When a tree collapses or dies, our consultants can help assess the causes of tree failure. We will thoroughly examine each section using standardized methods.


This detailed inspection will look for:


Thinning canopy and/or declining crown health

Diseased, dehydrated, or infested branches

Fungus growth

Weak crotch systems

Soil heaving near the root plate

Unstable, overextended, broken, or weak branching patterns

Cracked and decaying tree trunks

Decaying or exposed roots

Tree Roots

Tree root systems are the literal anchor and foundation for any tree as well as a food source for your tree. During winter, tree roots store essential nutrient reserves to produce spring foliage. During spring, they transport water and minerals from the soil to the tree. Accordingly, their health is a top priority. With a regular arborist consultation, you stay updated on the condition of your tree roots and receive preventive tips on how to avoid root disease and failure.


Our tree root appraisal will examine:


Soil compaction – Heavy clay subsoils and soil compaction can restrict oxygen and water uptake, harming and even killing many trees.

Soil depth – Tree roots rely on soil to extract nutrients, anchor, and breath. When adding and removing soil, a tree’s root system can be threatened. Let us ensure your root systems thrive by assessing whether the soil depth and volume are right for the surrounding vegetation.

Overwatering/underwatering – Overwatering can saturate the soil so much it restricts the flow of oxygen, thereby suffocating tree roots. Underwatering will dehydrate tree roots – causing them to rot.

Surrounding fertilizer – Excess fertilizer can kill tree roots, while insufficient fertilizer will deprive tree roots of essential minerals needed to stay healthy. We will help you find the right balance.

Trenching, construction work, and digging – Digging trenches, laying pavement, boring holes, and other work involving soil excavation and heavy-duty machinery can significantly threaten root systems.

We Provide Consulting Arborist Services

Our consultants are available to provide services to the following commercial and municipal entities:


Community Managers

If you manage a large community, public park, golf course, cemetery, outdoor entertainment venue, or private development, you likely have many trees on your property. A consultant can provide a tree inventory and assessment to help you create short and long-term maintenance plans. Proactive maintenance plans will assist with budgeting and reducing unnecessary costs.


Homeowner Associations

A primary responsibility of Homeowner Associations is to settle conflicts and organize community landscaping plans. We can help Homeowner Associations create cost-effective maintenance plans – recommending safe, healthy, and durable trees to plant in shared spaces. We can also assess shared landscapes to help you proactively prevent potential tree loss and damage.


Property Management Companies

Managing a property is not an easy task. It is your responsibility to ensure your property is safe, inviting, and affordable. As a result, landscaping is a key area of concern. Our consultants can help you create landscaping budgets and help protect your property against tree collapse. We provide comprehensive tree assessments of risks and hazards and treatment advice for pest infestations and diseases.


Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents may require an arborist’s expert guidance in matters dealing with property assessments and inspections. Responsible homebuyers will want to know the dangers posed by trees on their landscape and the presence of any infestations, root damage, and disease. By consulting with an expert on such matters, you will receive an informed appraisal, a thorough assessment, and professional advice.


Landscape Professionals

The job of a landscape professional is to maximize value and minimize disruption. If you are concerned about the potential dangers and hazards of planting certain tree species/sizes, we can assess the prospective area to help you make practical decisions. Our arborists can also assist with supervision of work near trees, root mapping, and land planning. Finally, when debating whether to strip the land of its vegetation or build around existing trees, we can offer sound, detailed assessments to help you make a knowledgeable decision.


Tree Service Providers

Many tree service providers lack the in-depth knowledge of an ISA Certified arborist . Drawing upon years of experience and education, our arborists offer sound advice on the structure, health, and safety of trees. This will allow you to take the best course of action.



Trees located in public areas must be maintained and regularly assessed. If a hazardous tree is close to structures or pedestrians, we highly recommend remedial action. Similarly, if a historic tree is creating a challenge for a park, walking trail, or any municipal project, we can help you assess its preservation value and/or find ways to work around the tree.


And More

Our goal is to offer professional estimates, assessments , and advice on all matters pertaining to trees. We may recommend nutrients , pest control, site remediation, pruning, and/or immediate removal to mitigate hazards. Our services apply to property owners in countless industries.


List of ISA Certified Monster Tree Service Locations

The following locations are ISA Certified:


Location ISA Certification Number

Monster Tree Service of the Northwest Suburbs IL-9519A

Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta SO-0830A

Monster Tree Service of North Metro Denver PD-2504A


Monster Tree Service of North County WE-13042A

Monster Tree Service of NE Atlanta SO-5303BUT

Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids MI-3960AU

Monster Tree Service of Cary SO-10183A


Monster Tree Service of Pinellas County FL-9720A

Monster Tree Service of Middle Tennessee WE-9748A

Monster Tree Service of Northern Virginia MA-236-A

Monster Tree Service of North Bay WE-7229-A

Monster Tree Service of Omaha MW-6148A

Monster Tree Service of Akron OH-6673A

Monster Tree Service of Montgomery County MA-5860A

Monster Tree Service of East Louisville KY 0252A

Monster Tree Service of New Orleans WE-10192A

Monster Tree Service of Bucks & Montgomery MI-4038A





Monster Tree Service of Portland PN 6521A

Monster Tree Service of Minneapolis MN-4785A

Monster Tree Service of Rochester NY-5809A

NY 6264A

NY 6554A

Monster Tree Service of North Charlotte Metro SO-10748A


Monster Tree Service of North Pittsburgh PD-2785A

Monster Tree Service of Southeast Wisconsin WI-1394A


Monster Tree Service of North Shore IL-9094A


Monster Tree Service of Southeast Denver RM-7199A

Monster Tree Service of North Dallas TX-4137A

Monster Tree Service of Lake County IL-9572A

Monster Tree Service of Northeast Florida FL-5506A

Monster Tree Service of North DFW TX-4478A

Monster Tree Service of West Valley, AZ WE-12434T

Monster Tree Service of Pittsburgh PD-2437A

Monster Tree Service of West Valley WE-11510A

Monster Tree Service of Cape Fear SO-10484A


Monster Tree Service of St. Louis OH-5130-B

Monster Tree Service of Greater Reno WE-12300A

Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte SO-5645AU

Monster Tree Service of Northwest Arkansas SO-10645A

Monster Tree Service of Athens SO-10876A

Monster Tree Service of South Indianapolis IN-3680A

Monster Tree Service of Southeastern Massachusetts NE-7610-A

Monster Tree Service of Alexandria MA-0236A

Monster Tree Service of Lancaster PD-I898A


Monster Tree Service of Knoxville SO-10963A


Consult With an ISA Certified Tree Arborist* Today!

As certified arborists, we are proud to be distinguished authorities on the safety and preservation of trees. Our team is trained, educated, and specialized in the complexities of tree health. If the trees on your residential or commercial property require an expert assessment, give us a call. It is always wise to catch potential tree problems before they occur. Understanding the hazards, health conditions, and value of your landscape will prepare you for whatever comes your way.


*We cannot guarantee that every Monster Tree Service location will have an ISA Certified consultant on staff. Please contact your local team for more information

The Benefits of Virtual Arborist Consultations

The best thing about online assessments is they save time for all parties involved. Thanks to the phone, photos and videos are extremely easy to take and share. 


If you think about it, driving out to do tree assessments on the property in this day and age can be more trouble than it’s worth. Driving out just to look at the tree means we need to drive back to base and back out again with the proper equipment. However, using an online assessment, we can examine the tree and drive out with the right gear faster. 


Driving out to assess a tree requires scheduling. In most cases, our arborists do not have the time to drive out and take a look at your tree the day you call. You would have to talk with our scheduler and then you would have to wait for your appointment to arrive. 


Instead of having to stand outside as we assess the trees, you can do whatever you want and we’ll get back to you with our conclusion. You don’t need to change your entire day in order to care for your trees.

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