Thank you for purchasing our crew to come out and take care of your trees!

Using these tools, we can get a really accurate picture of your trees.

1.  Here is the example of Bing’s “birds eye” mapping technology.  Hit the rotation arrows above the map (on either side of the compass) to spin around the house…  its really neat.

2.  And here is the same street using Google’s Street View Here you house can be seen from the street.

OK,  enough with the fun tech stuff 🙂  Below is the scheduling form.  When we get to your home, we would like to be as prepared as possible to know what work you need. Thorough answers and clear information will allow us to be the most efficient once we arrive at your job site and get the most work done as possible. 🙂

*(denotes required field)
Please enter your E-mail Address a second time.



Main Objective- What is the main objective of your job? Examples could be “more light to the grass”, “limbs lifted off the house”, etc…



Itemized work- Please describe each tree that needs work in order of importance/priority.
        1. Priority- (1 being first thing you want us to do, then 2,3,4, etc…)
        2. Type of Work- Prune or remove?
        3. Location on property- looking from the street- Front yard left, front yard righ, back yard left back yard right.
        4. Type of tree- Does/did the tree have needles or leaves?
        5. Size- Diameter of the trunk at 5’ above ground level.
        6. Other- Any special comments?



Protecting your Property Our default work method is to protect your property at all times be it shrubs, fences, driveways, fences, play sets etc. However, sometimes there are special cercumstances where clients are planning renovations or re-landscaping. We need to know this!
We don’t want to spend extra time protecting grass, bushes, fences, etc, that you may not care about or be planning to replace.

Please let us know if there are any special situations that you may have as mentioned above.



Out of the ordinary- Is there anything that you think may be something out of the ordinary that we may need to know about prior to coming out? Examples could include: Dog in back yard daily, Extremely dead tree, Known bees nest in trees, Strange accessibility issues such as a driveway with a bridge that has a weight limit.



Cutting Neighbors Trees Please indicate yes or no if your plans include pruning or removing any trees that are not on your property? If yes, please provide the contact information of the property owner to have them sign off on the permission form.



Tree Removal Permits Tree removal in certain jurisdictions requires a permit. If you plan to remove trees, have you acquired a permit? (We work in so many different jurisdictions that we can’t effectively keep up an exhaustive list. However, here are a few cities that we know require them: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Doraville- We offer pruning only in Doraville. (call us for details)



Expected Time On Site- To schedule the “approximate” appointment times we need know about how many hour you are expecting to have us on your job. We are 100% happy to work for just the one hour. However, for scheduling reasons, it helps to know “about” how many hours you are anticipating us being out there?




Your Schedule- What Dates/days/times are best for you?... If no one is home during working hours, we will be happy to set up an live video feed from our account found at This will allow you to watch and verify our work! Isn't that technolgy is just neat stuff!



Neighbor- Do you happen to know if your neighbors are planning on getting any work done in the near future? If so, do you have their contact information? Thanks! 🙂

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