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There are plenty of tree services Roswell GA to choose from.  So how do you choose the right one?  See below for information on tree removal, tree pruning and tree thinning for Roswell Georgia.

Tree removal Roswell

Tree removal is our specialty! If you haven’t seen our equipment video, you should really check it out here . Double click on the video to enlarge

The tree removal grapple that we purchased was an additional $8,000.  We purchased it specifically so that the grass of our customers would look wonderful when we got done.

Roswell tree removal companies are literally a dime a dozen.  Tons of former employees have started their own companies that not many have the equipment that we do (not to mention insurance) to get the job done right.

13 years experience in a tree service business insurers that no matter what situation you have, if you have a hazard tree or an easy tree, will be able to take care of you guaranteed every time.  For a free estimate call us at 800-873-3397 or request online here!

Roswell tree trimming and Pruning

While just about any tree service can do tree removal, if you are planning on doing any tree pruning or tree thinning, hiring and ISA certified arborist should be mandatory.

The international Society of arboriculture has set up an internationally recognized certification program that educates tree services in proper methods of tree care to ensure that tree pruning and tree trimming are done in such a way that it does not harm your tree.

We are proud to say that Mark Russell, tree service roswell the owner of the 1 800 Tree Expert Tree Service is and ISA certified arborist SO#6098A. (click to verify) Mark guarantees five-star satisfaction on each and every job without questions.  When we prune or remove your trees you will have a final quality assurance walk-through with either Mark or the crew leader.  On this walk-through we check to ensure that each and every piece of work has been completed to the highest standard possible.  This means that if it’s tree removal all the mess is gone and the stump is cut as low as possible.  If it’s tree trimming or tree pruning, we ensure that each cut was made to perfection Roswell arboristand that all the branches contracted for were pruned and again the mess cleaned up to perfection.

And keep in mind, many tree services in Roswell have popped up in the last three to four years.  What this means to you is that a lot of these tree services have little training on how to properly prune your trees. Starting a tree service demands time and energy.  Sueezing education in is something that likely doesn’t happen while you’re learning to climb trees, run men, organize jobs, and purchase equipment, figuring out how to advertise, etc. etc.For a free estimate call us at 800-873-3397 or request online here!

If you don’t hire us, just make sure that you hire a certified arborist.

Please define “Fully insured tree service”

Tree services are notorious for saying that they are “fully insured” when in fact all they had a general liability.  There are basically two types of insurance that you should be concerned about before tree removal in Roswell Georgia.  The first and foremost is workers compensation.  For Roswell tree services, this is clearly the most expensive type of insurance that they can buy.  Workers comp covers the arborist if he gets hurt.  Because it’s so expensive, many tree services opt not to carry it (even though it’s illegal not to have it with three or more employees).

1 800 Tree Expert carries full workers compensation policy.  When we come out to give you a free estimate, please ask for the number to our insurance company so that you can call and verify that the policy is active.  In fact, make sure that you making a phone call and verify the workers compensation of any tree service company that you get an estimate from.

Even though it may feel odd, legitimate arborists who carry insurance don’t mind when you check up on them. (In fact we kind of like it because we pay a lot of money for our insurance).  Ask for the phone number of the tree service’s an insurance company and called to verify that they have workers compensation.

For a free estimate call us at 800-873-3397 or request online here!

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