Tree removal permit fee postponed in Peachtree city

by Mark Russell on February 21, 2010

residences Peachtree city will not have to pay $25 to submit eight free removal permit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010, Peachtree city Council met and postponed  making a decision on the proposed $25 fee.

In short, proponents of this increased fee say that it will cover some of the expenses in permitting the trees to be removed.

However, the opponents to say that increasing “taxes” is not the answer.  they lean more toward revamping the way that the tree removal permit process works currently.

Honestly, I have to say that I agree with them.

Tree removal permit processes are a total drag.   We work in many different jurisdictions and each one of them has different rules and regulations.  It’s a big pain every time we need to pull a true removal permit.

The worst part, is when you decide to do the right thing and go get your permit, and then an unlicensed and uninsured tree service bids lower than you while you’re waiting for your permit.  That is one of the most frustrating parts.

I would certainly support re-looking at the tree removal permit process and finding a way to streamline it

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