Spring is a great time to prune your trees!

by Mark Russell on February 24, 2010

We wanted to post this message to try to reach some consumers out there to make sure that you don’t make one of the most common mistakes by consumers: pruning trees right after the spring flush.
Pruning trees after they have put their leaves out severely hurts the health of the tree.  Trees maintain an equilibrium between their roots and their leaves.
In the dormant winter season sap movement is restricted and slowed down.  This is the very best time to selectively prune the tree branches that have been bothering you.
Many consumers make a mistake of not thinking about this until the tree has already started producing leaves.  This is known as the “spring flush”.  This is a common mistake because typically people are indoors and not really thinking about exterior home maintenance.  However, for the health of the tree it is a sad situation.
The reason this is so bad is because the nutrients stored throughout the dormant winter season are valuable and in limited supply.  The uses all of its resources to be able to grow new leaves in order to maintain strong healthy upward growth and continue the cycle of photosynthesis.  If the tree is pruned right after a spring flush it unbalances the equilibrium and severely stresses the tree.
The trees in the urban environment already have enough stacked against them.  These organic “o” layer of the soil has already been stripped away and replaced with grass.  The leaves that would normally fall in a natural forest setting and decomposed to give the tree food are regularly swept away by landscape maintenance companies.  This leaves the urban forest trees struggling to maintain and find enough nutrients for strong growth.
Do your trees in favor and make sure to prune during proper times.  Trees have enough stacked against them as it is and with a little forethought you can make their lives a little bit easier.
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Ps.  All of our pruning is Spike Free.  Remember, don’t ever Spike a tree to your trimming.  Spiking trees openness the tree up for insect infestation and diseases and has long been known to be a serious contributing factor to killing trees.
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