Tree Trimming



1 800 Tree Expert is pleased to offer the highest quality tree trimming and printing services for the North Atlanta area.


We are proud to offer SpikeFree printing on all of our tree pruning and tree trimming jobs.  We don’t spike trees!

So what’s wrong with trimming and pruning a tree with spikes?

Spiking trees is a bad thing to do.  When a climber ascends at tree, if he has spikes on his feet he wounds the cambium layer of the bark as he is climbing and damaging the trees with his spikes.

The cambium layer of the tree is just under the visual outside bark.  You can think of the cambium layer as “veins” of the tree.  Tree’s transport sap through the cambium layer, so by damaging it, you are damaging the trees delicate balance an equilibrium between the roots and the leaves.

Why would a tree service client with a spikes?

Laziness, ignorance, and money.  It’s harder understand into a tree with a rope and it is to go in with spikes.  Many tree climbers don’t know the damage that spikes do, others don’t care, and others are just more concerned with the time that it saves so that they can make the most money on the job.

If a tree service suggests that they will climb your tree with spikes on, you probably should find a company who will care a little bit more about your trees.

If you have any other questions about burning with spikes on, please call us at 1-800-Tree-Expert.

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