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1 800 Tree Expert Tree Removal Service—Safety, Experience, Insurance, Equipment

Satisfaction guarantee!

First things first is our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee or your job is free!  We know that there are a lot of tree services in Atlanta who can do your tree removal job.  That’s just a fact.  So, the best way that we can stand apart from the crowd is to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the job we will keep on working until you’re 100% satisfied or the job is free.  Please listen to our satisfied clients by clicking here


As an ISA certified arborist, the owner of the company Mark Russell, is a stickler for safety. Safety helmets and safety glasses are part of the normal procedure. Sure, it makes us look a little bit like “Tree Nerds”, and we opt for safety instead of machismo. Safety is our number one priority one where on your jobsite. >


We have the knowledge and experience to tackle any tree of any size anywhere in Atlanta. After 12 years we have learned the proper way of bringing trees down in a safe and secure manner.

Workers compensation and general liability- By using 1 800 Tree Expert you’ll have confidence to know that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, your property and our men are covered fully by our insurance policies.

Our tracked Bobcat offers the lightest ground pressure for your grass and landscape of any machine on the market. And our occasional grapple allows us to pick up the debris at any angle meaning that a bobcat does not need to “spin” on your grass. Having the right equipment for your tree removal means that when we move the tree out to the street to be hauled away, your landscape will look the very best that it possibly can.

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