Free Wood Chips

1-800-Tree-Expert strives to be conscious about the environment.  In an effort to be green, we have joined a free woodchip locating service through

Woodchips that come from the chippers of tree services are the same base material that you find in “dyed” mulch and are great for playgrounds, mulch gardens, and landscaping.

In the dyed mulch  they have re-ground the wood chips to obtain a finer texture, but the base material is the same.

Also with natural wood chips you don’t have to worry about the potential hazard of any unnatural “colorants” that had been added to the woody material.

Another benefit of the wood chip recycling program is that it saves fuel.  Often, we have to drive our big heavy trucks 20 to 30 miles round-trip just dump off a load of chips that a neighbor may potentially want.  That doesn’t make sense!  That’s why we joined this service.  It’s good for the environment and it gets you the free mulch when we are in your area.

If you would like a load of Free wood chips delivered to your house,  please submit your request through’s site at!/home

When we are in your area,  we will deliver it to you free of charge!

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