Discount tree service while you’re in the neighborhood

by Mark Russell on February 27, 2010

Discount tree service while you’re in the neighborhood

If you live anywhere in the Atlanta area you most certainly have received fliers on your mailbox that say “discount tree removal while we are in the neighborhood!”.

Have you ever noticed that big tree service trucks rarely, if ever a company these fliers?

I wonder why that is? Actually, I don’t really wonder.

The history behind these fliers.

About eight years ago, in 2002, tree services really started pushing these fliers. At first, it was honestly because they really were going to be in the neighborhood. However, just as any good advertising spreads quickly print industry, so did these fliers.

A lot of tree guys have their own right hand drive delivery vehicles to deliver these fliers indiscriminately all around the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

Are they really in the neighborhood? Not likely. Posting fliers on a mailbox is just one way of branding.

So the question is: why do business with someone who starts the conversation off with a lie? Does that make sense?

I certainly don’t think so, but then again that’s just me.

The easy way to check to see if they are really in the neighborhood is to simply ask what address they are working at and drive over and see their trucks.

Otherwise, it might be best to steer clear do you actually see a big truck. They may claim you are getting a discount, but if they’re driving across the city to do your job, a likely isn’t the best discount that you could receive.

Just my two cents.

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