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Problem- Finding quality tree work at an affordable price.  If you’re on a budget, finding an affordable price for quality tree work can feel like an impossible problem to solve.

Solution- Tree Cutting Cost! (sm) from 1-800-Tree-Expert.

Tree Cutting Cost! (sm) gives you a REAL 50% off our first hour of work which allows you to verify that all the positive reviews you’ve seen online are for real.  If you job is just a small you can literally save a REAL 50%!  If the job goes longer, the 50% blends into the regular rate as seen below:

Hours worked Discount Total Cost
1 0.5 $109
2 0.74 $334
3 0.83 $559
4 0.87 $784
5 0.88 $987
6 0.90 $1,212
7 0.91 $1,437
8 0.91 $1,639
9 0.92 $1,864
10 0.93 $2,089

How can we offer this?

Eliminate The Sales Commission–   Ask the CPA of any service business if “free estimates” are really free?  He will tell you no, because the salesman always gets paid, even if the salesman is the owner of the company.  FACT: 10% (or more) of the cost of your job goes to cover the “free estimate”.  (Such as commission, salesman’s vehicle payment+ins, fuel, training, etc.)  Salesmen also boost price for a higher commission.  You never know the difference until after the job and you calculate the actual per-man hour rate.

No Trip charge–  You should not have to pay for tree service crews to sit in traffic.  By allowing flexibility on the date your job gets done,  we are able to get you the “in the neighborhood” price every time!

Service A La Carte– If money is tight, does it make sense to pay our highly skilled climbers to rake up debris?  A great thing about paying per hour is that you are in control of what you spend and this can lead to some REALLY significant savings.

Expensive Equipment Eliminated– After 14 years we’ve seen a LOT change.  Most notably, competition has driven down prices and we felt it in the cost of equipment payments.  Here is the problem: Fixed equipment payments force companies to charge you a higher rate.  If business slows down, you’ll be the one to “catch up” their bill payments whether they use it on your job or not. Seeing this competition trend, we sold our gear and implemented a variable cost model in our hauling and stump grinding.  If we get your job, GREAT!  If not, no big deal, we are free from the pressure of those big bills.   This way, you only pay for what you need/use.

Sycamore Tree In Roswell Ga

Crate Myrtle pruning in Roswell Ga debris removal example:

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