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Storm Damage and Hazard Tree Removal Atlanta Ga.

On June 9, 2010 we got a call from a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.  He had a poplar which had fallen into six other trees and was suspended in the air.  The problem with this particular job is that it had no crane access, it had pushed over the three trees and the fourth tree did not fall and was holding the entire mass up in the air.

We did not have good tie-off points to support or lift the fallen poplar.
This was an extremely hazardous job.  Likely, as hazardous as they come in the urban arboriculture business.
Below you will find for videos documenting the job:
An introduction video explaining the problem, a midway point once we got the rigging in, a video with the relief cut which transferred the weight to the fallen pine tree, a second relief cut taking the weight back off of a pine tree, and a final wrapup video.
Hope you enjoy!  If you have any questions on storm damaged trees, or trees that fallen on houses, we are experts in working with your insurance company.  Please feel free to call us at 1 800 Tree Expert.  (800-873-3397)

Below is the mid-stage.  At this point we have run all of probes into the pine tree and securing it to the other pine tree and we are preparing to make our relief cuts.

Relief cut #1-  Once we had a pine tree secured to the other pine, we had to make a relief cut on the poplar in order to transfer it’s weight one more step toward getting the tree safely to the ground.

Relief Cut #2- here is the second relief cut which allowed the poplar to fall to the ground and relieved to be pressure that was being applied by a poplar onto the pine.

Job complete!- here is a summary of how the property looked once we got done taking care of all this Atlanta resident’s tree service needs. please feel free to call us at 1-800-Tree-Expert 800-873-3397. We are ISA certified arborists and we would love to give you a free estimate on any of your tree needs.

Chattahoochee river forest beautification job:



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