Our Equipment

Our equipment:

Okay, okay, who really cares about the equipment?  You just want to trees down.  Right?  Well, it may be worth a second to take a look at why we think it’s so important.

The right tool for the right job cannot be stressed enough when it comes to keeping your landscape in the best condition possible.

Our “tracked” bobcat (check out the video):

Obviously when you are moving trees that way tens of thousands of pounds across delicate grass damage is going to occur. So we invested in a “tracked” bobcat rather than a wheeled machine.    This is because a tracked machine literally applies less ground pressure “per square inch” than if you were to stand back on your heel.

The tracks on our machine are 18 inches wide by 8 feet long.  Be a huge footprint distributes the weight across a greater surface area and THAT minimizes damage to your grass.

Sure, it did cost us an extra $6,000, but the results are worth every single penny invested.

Our “rotating” grapple
There are two types of grapples that a Bobcat can use.  A fixed “bucket-type” and a suspended “rotational” grapple.

Bucket grapples are much cheaper to purchase ( around $3500), but the problem is that when the Bobcat drives up to a pile of tree limbs or logs, the entire machine must adjust ( IE spin circles on your lawn) in order to “square up” with the pile.

We invented $11,500 in our 360° continual rotation grapple.  Because of this tool, we can approach a pile of debris from any angle and because the grapple spins, the Bobcat can stay stationary and not have to spend circles on your grass.

Even though it cost an additional $8,000, it was worth every penny because time after time the one thing that we hear from our satisfied clients is just how great their grass looks when we are done.

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